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Summer has started on the calendar for a few days now and the whole nature has already started to bloom and the atmosphere is filled with pollen, the temperature is rising and the sun will become hotter day by day. So before June ψει burns us and the next months of summer, it is good to make a preparation in our car, because as our people wisely say “wise children cook before they are hungry”.


  1. Check the air condition

    In order not to be surprised on a hot spring day and find that the air condition does not release cold air, it is good to check now. Of course, as -usually- it is mentioned in the manufacturer’s manual, it is good for the air conditioning to be put into operation at regular intervals (and in winter) in order to lubricate the piping. So if the air conditioning does not perform properly and just the air coming out on the lower rung is just cool, then you need freon and check the piping for possible leakage. The cost of air condition control is around 30 euros.

  2. Installing seat covers

    Seat covers are the surest way to protect your car’s factory trim from the sweat, pollen and dust that build up in them. It is good to prefer cotton covers that are cooler and absorb sweat better. The cost of a set of covers for the whole living room starts from about 40 euros, while for half the money there are also “seats” for the front seats, which have the advantage that they are easy to install and remove to wash, but only cover the front of the seats.

  3. Hydration of plastics and seals

    With the cold, the seals on the doors lose their elasticity and harden. So if they are not hydrated with simple Vaseline or with a special moisturizing spray, they will dry in the heat and will start to cut and make cracks. It is good to lubricate twice a year, not only the seals but also the colorless plastics on the body (eg the protective strips on the bumpers and doors and the grille at the base of the front windshield).

  4. Refrigerant fluids

    Prerequisite for the proper operation of the engine is the reliable operation of the cooling system.

    Lift the hood and check the fluid level of the cooling circuit , which should be equipped with the correct antifreeze . </ p>

    Carefully inspect the refrigerator itself for leaks