The BOSCH CAR SERVICE – STAMATIS workshop is equipped with the most modern machines to cover every need of your car.
For example:

Exhaust Gas Meters
We have emission measuring stations and instruments for measuring the turbidity of the exhaust gases, which return fast and accurate results for gasoline and diesel engines.

Engine Control Devices
Digital engine control devices are easy to use and can be easily used away from the workshop. Bosch engine controllers have their own program control.


Battery Service Devices
We have Bosch battery chargers that can be used both to charge the batteries even when they are connected to the vehicle circuits, and to help start the vehicle. Bosch BAT 121 Battery Tester is used to check the status of any type of 12V battery as well as to test 12V generators, delivering results quickly and accurately on both the digital display and the built-in printer.

Air conditioners
The number of vehicles equipped with A / C is increasing with each new generation. 60% of small cars, and 80% of medium and large class are equipped with air conditioning systems. The new generation of modern Bosch air conditioner service devices provided by our workshop ensures fast and safe inspection procedures with maximum efficiency. The results of each control phase are stored and printed on the built-in printer.

2 KTEO Lines The KTEO lines of BOSCH that our workshop has are a very reliable unit with which most KTEOs in Greece are equipped. It is an automatic machine that measures the capabilities of the car with
  • Brake Meter
  • Gambler
  • Convergence meter
  • Photometer
  • Exhaust Control
  • Electronic alignment
KTEO control in passenger cars is a series of preventive checks and adjustments on the vehicle in order to improve the operation of the vehicle, especially if the vehicle is about to pass an official KTEO inspection. The result of such a check is the driver’s satisfaction that his car is safe or he knows some weaknesses from the results which he has to correct before going to an official KTEO. Cleaning and Adjusting Nozzles A basic condition for the correct regulation of the Injection, is the control and cleaning of the nozzles and we have one of the most modern machines for this purpose. In our workshop, the cleaning of the nozzles is a complete process that includes the following tasks:
  • Ultrasonic cleaning program
  • Reverse wash
  • Injector ohm resistance test
  • Programmable nozzle injection control up to 16,000 rpm
  • High precision spray titration

Service Stamatis

Our workshop provides repair and maintenance services with the highest standards at the most competitive prices.

  • Modern Equipment & amp; Advanced Diagnostics
  • Over 20 years of experience in all brands.
  • Warranty on spare parts and work!
  • Experienced Technical Consultants by your side.
  • Replacement cars and towing service
Excellent work in my car!
Nikolaos Natsios