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1) General inspection of the car in our workshop

2) Check the air condition

3) Check the condition and pressure of the tires

4) Car refrigerator inspection


Why to choose us

Specialized Engineers

Our professionals can work on all the electrical and electronic systems of your vehicle.


Our goal is the excellent customer service, at reasonable prices and the perfect training in all brands of vehicles.

Facilities And Technology

Fully equipped workplaces to solve with the latest technology the vehicles of all brands and keep them in perfect working condition

Possibility Same Day Delivery

Most damage - in any case - repaired on the same day to get your car ready immediately

Diesel Service

Modern high pressure systems are a challenge for petroleum experts. Our team benefits from many years of experience, staff training and advanced control technology.

About us

Our workshop provides repair and maintenance services with the highest standards at the most competitive prices.

  • Modern Equipment & amp; Advanced Diagnostics
  • Over 20 years of experience in all brands.
  • Warranty on spare parts and work!
  • Experienced Technical Consultants by your side.
  • Replacement cars and towing service

Procedure Work

Book Appointment

Book Appointment

Bring The vehicle

You arrive with your vehicle at the time the appointment is scheduled.


Your vehicle is ready to receive it!

Services We Provide



Vehicle Diagnosis

The control of the operation of the individual systems in a vehicle, automatically means the self-control and the recording of the faults, which occur in a system.

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Comments Customers

Excellent work in my car!
Nikolaos Natsios





servicestamatis servicestamatis In order to keep your car like new, you should respectfully observe the service intervals, as defined by their manufacturer. As a rule,

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servicestamatis Μηχανικά, ευθυγράμιση 3d, ζυγοστάθμιση

Car in summer

servicestamatis servicestamatis Summer has started on the calendar for a few days now and the whole nature has already started to bloom and the atmosphere

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ελαστικά, αμορτισέρ


servicestamatis servicestamatis Tires play a key role in car handling and safe driving. They are the only contact of the car with the road. Therefore,

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